What Is The Difference Between A Sofa And A Couch?

Sometimes we can’t find the difference between the close substitute because we think that there is no difference between them.

But at that time we are making the wrong assumption because there are so many minor differences that do exist which we should keep in mind the difference between a sofa and a couch is the one which ignored by most of the people.

Even some of them use the word couch and sofa interchangeably because they have no idea that both the furniture possesses different qualities so if you are also having the dilemma of what is a couch and what is a sofa here is the list of how you can differentiate between both of them.

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What Is The Difference Between A Sofa And A Couch?


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  • Origin of the word So first of all the word “Sofa” is derived from the Arabic word “Suffah” which means a wooden bench covered with cushions and blankets. And also the sofa is not so good for naps and curling.
  • Arms on both sides: The second thing about the sofa is that it does have arms at both of its sides for the support or we can say all sofas are designed in such a way that they have arms on both of its sides.
  • Suitable for a minimum of 3-4 people: all sofas have the capacity of 3-4 people minimum and if the sofa is of big size then even more people can enjoy the seating.
  • Placed in the living area: generally, all the sofas are placed in the living area where usually guests arrive because the sofa looks more formal hen any other furniture.
  • Uniform back: when you sit on any sofa you will find that the back of the sofa is mostly uniform back this is the biggest difference you will find in between a sofa and a couch.
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When we sum up all these facts we can say that a sofa is a formal seating which is used in a living area for occasional times and it has the capacity to minimum 3 to 4 people at a time.

Now lets read about couches


  • Origin of the word: the word “Couch” is derived from the french word “Coucher which means “to lie down” or “to rest”.
  • Single-arm or no arm: usually a couch doesn’t have any armor if it has then only on one side and this quality is applicable in all types of couches.
  • Small sizes: you will always find the size of the sofa small and only 2-3 people can only sit on it because of the size.
  • Fluffy and overstuffed: mostly all the couches are overstuffed with material and fluffy so they are so comfortable to curl on and to take a cozy sleep on them.
  • Placed in the bedroom near the tv: these couches are usually placed in the area where someone likes to spend their quality time or where they can relax such as near the tv or the window and sometimes in the bedroom and studios too.

After the facts related to a couch, we can say that it is the furniture which is made to relax with the person you are close to and spend your time watching tv and enjoying the rain a couch is the kind of furniture which is comfortable that even you can take a good nap on it too.

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So after reading this you will never get confused between the two of them and also you don’t have to feel awkward while buying this furniture because you know exactly what you want to buy.

Or even if anyone makes you feel awkward just remember that a sofa is just a more formal look of the couch and both provide you awesome seating.

This is the complete article on Difference Between A Sofa And A Couch. I hope you found it helpful.

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