What Towel Color Goes Well With Beige Bathrooms?

Are you feeling unimpressed with your current bathroom and its color scheme? Do you wish that you had something to make the beige tones of your bathroom stand out more? Sometimes you just want a small facelift when it comes to your bathroom décor without having to undergo an extensive renovation and it can be done when you change up the décor of your bathroom. This is very true when you have a beige bathroom that doesn’t feature a ton of other colors within the décor.

Adding pops of color with some new wall artwork, towels, and a fresh shower curtain can make a world of difference between a boring cream colored bathroom and a beautiful one. If you are interested in learning what colors, especially what towel color, goes with a beige bathroom (or a similar neutral color); then keep reading!

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Why It’s Important To Decorate Your Bathroom

large bathroom with wood floor and vintage mosaic light blue and green

You might be wondering why it is so important to even decorate your bathroom because it’s not like a living room or dining room where people gather and socialize. It’s the bathroom, the place where you get ready in the mornings and before bed, the place where you shower and get clean, and the place where you take care of your bodily functions.

However, all of these things are exactly why you should decorate your bathroom in a way that is suitable to your creative spirit. The bathroom can be a place of relaxation and a de-stressor when you are soaking out the tension of the day in the tub. You spend time in here dreaming, wondering, planning, and even grabbing a few precious minutes alone. It’s a safe place that allows you to be alone and in peace, even for mere minutes.

It is the place that you find inspiration, gain strength, break down and be vulnerable, and it’s the place that is essentially the bookends to your day.

Ways To Freshen Up Your Bathroom

There are multiple ways you can freshen up your bathroom without spending a large amount of money and some of the best are:

  • Change out the shower curtain, bathmat, and rug.
  • Add accessories in the form of a toothbrush holder, toilet brush, soap dispenser, and storage dishes. Use the space to its full potential in terms of storage.
  • Change out your current mirror for one that has a decorative or artistic trim.
  • A new light fixture combined with bright LED bulbs can brighten up the space while a new light fixture with a low-wattage bulb can bring down the lighting.
    • A good idea is a dimmable light that can be adjusted to the time of day, mood, and tone.
  • Sand and varnish or paint the vanity drawers and sides.
  • Add greenery in the form of real or fake potted plants.
  • Add a cool tile design. This could be as minimal as a single row around the vanity.

The Best Towel Color That Goes Well With Beige Bathrooms

Nautical Theme

Aqua blue towel hanging on bathroom door with anchor decoration

When you think of beige, you probably think of sand and silt? Ground? That is because beige is also nature’s way of allowing the colors of each season to pop because it is the perfect background for decoration.

Nautical themes play on the beige background and bring a sense of the beach to your front door. The beige is the sand and it’s up to you to showcase the water of the beach. Nautical themes are always in style, so you want to look for towels that are shades of blue ranging from the sky to the deepest part of the water.

Navy and white stripes are also a classic when it comes to showcasing a nautical theme and you can then spice up the rest of the decor with some anchor-theme designs. For your hand towel? The one that everyone will see the minute they walk in the door. Use an anchor or striped towel there.

Other Neutrals

Other neutral colors, such as black, white, or gray will allow beige to blend into the background without a shock of color if that is your preferred style. These towels will offer enough of a difference in terms of the color scheme to bring about a fresh new look to your bathroom without having to completely overhaul the entire room in terms of décor.

white towel

You can even play with neutrals in terms of beige by adding alternating shades of the color for a fresh look. Use a patterned towel in this case to add enough of a contrast that the towels don’t blend in completely with the room. Stripes of beige, white, and brown more your style in a lush material?


Long strips are a fun way to bring out the beige. Stripes add some fun. A fun way to work with lines is to have them go a long way on the ceiling and then running down the walls. To offset that, you could use a shower curtain that uses stripes going in the opposite direction of the walls. 

There are so many fun ways to add stripes to a beige bathroom, we didn’t even mention colors. The beauty of beige is you can add a small pop of color in an unexpected place or let the color take over where the beige becomes the background. 

Polka Dots

Cloth fabrics polka dots isolated on white

Just like stripes, polka dots add a fun and whimsical feel to any room including the one where you get ready for the day. As we suggested with the lines in the last section, adding some dots in places other than your towels will add a great deal of playfulness to your bathroom.

When it comes to beige, our advice with color is the same with polka dots as it is with the other ideas. You can do bright dots, one color or mixed, cool colors or warm. The pattern is enough to brighten any room.  

Go With White

While towels are the toughest to keep clean, they are the most perfect-looking towels in a beige bathroom if you can do it. White towels make one feel like they are drying off with a cloud or pillow. White is a color that we associate with cleanliness and, when you are using a piece of material to dry off your body after a bath, white towels give off a clean feel.  


Beige and yellow resemble each other, but one is brighter and brings a great deal of joy to the onlooker. That would be yellow. Beige is more subtle and understated, which is why a bright color like yellow would give your bathroom a little luster where it might otherwise be lacking. 

stacked colorful towels on a white background

You can add a vase with some yellow flowers and green leaves to tie it all together. That’s the beauty of beige; it works with everything.

Rainbows like blue, red, orange, green, and yellow all look a little more full when paired with beige. However, suppose you would like to truly make your bathroom pop, a rainbow of colored towels would do the job. Luckily, when it comes to towels, there are ways to purchase a set of various colors. 

Rainbows remind us of happy times and make people smile. A great way to start your day is by opening the linen closet and seeing a stack of towels that resemble the rainbow.

Patterns And Designs

A fun way to always spice up the interior of your bathroom while using towels for a pop of color to showcase patterns and designs. You can use any color when it comes to patterns and designs if you have a beige background. Creative, fun, and artistic; towels of this nature are ideal. Display them on a towel rod by placing a bigger towel in a neutral color (that is found in the pattern or design) and then show off your smaller decorative towel by placing it over the bigger one.

You can look for patterns and designs in your favorite color or theme; that is the beauty of a beige background. Everything looks good!

Cool down the warm beige undertones by choosing a stark blue with contrasting white pattern. Add all the colors of the rainbow literally by going with a rainbow towel. You can also warm up the beige colors of your bathroom if you go with colors on the red end of the color wheel. Deep red towels are always in style and timeless while warm corals look right at home against the beige paint on the walls.  

Take Inspiration From Nature

yellow and orange towel

Previously, we mentioned that beige is the background for the great outdoors in terms of coloring and texture. This is why nautical themes pop so beautifully against it but do you know what else pops beautifully against beige? Nature-inspired towels in shades of green, yellow, and orange. Look around outdoors and see how nature colors complement the background, regardless of the season.

Go for towels in shades of yellow for the sun, towels in deeper shades of red for the sunset, and even dark purple for the night sky. And who could forget shades of green for nature herself? The grass, the trees; they all have some shade of green displayed.


Beige can be beautiful when used correctly and displayed against a contrasting color. Changing up your color scheme and using small items, such as towels, can definitely be a quick and easy way to give your bathroom a well-deserved facelift.

beige bathroom

Do you have any questions, or have you recently installed a color scheme into your bathroom? Then let us know in the comments below! We want to hear from you.

You don’t have to rush out and spend a large amount of your hard-earned money to transform your bathroom from drab to fab. You simply need to invest in some décor items and create a color scheme that will use the beige tones as the background. The background is responsible for allowing color to both pop and contrast and beige is definitely one of the best for this task.

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